What not to feed your Pit Bulls

Though you know all the best dog food for pitbulls that you should be feeding it every day for a proper and healthy diet, you should also know what type of food you should not give the dogs. You should not feed your dogs some of the scraps from the dinner table as it will cause risks to the value of the balanced dog food. You can do it occasionally but not more than 10 percent of the dog’s diet.

best dog food for pitbulls

Food to be avoided

There are some foods that you completely avoid giving your dog as it could cause problems. Raw meat from a questionable source should be avoided as it could be poisonous. If you want to give them the meat then you could cook it without any seasoning for killing the bacteria. Bones also should be avoided as the fish bones and brittle chicken bones could damage their teeth and also cause obstruction in the stomach. This will apply for large bones too but these are most commonly feed to most dogs. It is not very advisable because the bones will cause obstruction as they splinter. Chocolates that we consume should never be given to dogs along with grapes, onions and raisins are these could be very toxic to the pit bulls.

Changing Diet

best dog food for pitbulls

There are sometimes when you might have to change the diet when they get old and require a senior diet. Some of the best dog food for pitbulls will be suitable for all ages but you should also consider factors like pregnancy and medical conditions as those cases will require a special diet. If you end up changing the diet too quickly, then you could upset the digestion so a slow transition process will be the best way of doing it. If you are switching from dry to wet food, your dog should get familiar to the new texture.

What is cool sculpting

The new buzzword all around is cool sculpting. Though this is being talked about widely, most are not really sure as to what it means. Well if you ask a lay person they will probably say it is a process where you Freeze the fat. Others may ask you to refer to sites such as Coolsculpting.net for further information. Some may consider it as the new Cool fat removal technique.

Well, if you do go to sites such as Coolsculpting.net you will see that there is more to it than just cooling weight loss. It is a procedure of freezing the fat and it is a non-surgical treatment for fat reduction. In this Cool sculpting procedure, cooling is used to remove especially stubborn fat which lingers on despite following an exercise regime or even the strictest of diets. This is a procedure that gives noticeable, proven and long lasting results.

Cool sculpting at home

Who are the perfect candidates?

The cool sculpting procedure is designed for people who have fat deposits in certain target areas. This is not a procedure meant for people who are obese and it is not meant for people who should ideally be going through a gastric bypass or weight loss surgery. It is meant for people who have bulges in only certain areas. The perfect candidates are those who otherwise would be ideal candidates for liposuction – however, they do not want to undergo surgical procedures to suck out the excess fat.

How does cool sculpting work

The fat cells which are treated using this method get crystallized and they as a result die and are processed as well as eliminated naturally from the body. When these cells are gone, they do not return. Therefore, this focuses purely on fat reduction and not on weight loss. For weight loss other procedures and techniques should be evaluated rather than this.

Best Survival Knife for Life Security

Every human being might face unforeseen danger because of the wild or other reasons. It is always better to be prepared than sorry later. So, owing a Survival knife at your side will help you to protect yourself from unforeseen danger.

Types of Best Survival Knife:

bowie knife for sale

There are various types of Best Survival Knife available to address various situations.  Some of the common type of Survival Knives includes, Fixed blade, folding, etc. Some of the types in fixed blade knives include Bowie Knife Style, Karambit Knife Style and Hunting Knife Styles. Folding knives are used for everyday purpose which is usually easy to carry and comes handy.

The following list includes some of the common types of Karambit Knife Styles.

  • Baby Stainless Steel Karambit Knife,
  • Damascus Style Karambit Knife
  • Karambit Claw Knife
  • Mirrored Karambit Survival Knife
  • Scorpion Karambit Survival Knife
  • Tiger Karambit Survival Knife
  • WTT CS GO SS Fade Karambit Combat

Similarly, there are also lots of different types of knives in Bowie, Hunting and folding types of knives.

Uses of Best Survival Knife:

The main purpose of Survival Knife is to act as life saver. But apart from that, Survival Knives are purchased for the following reasons as well.

  1. To Save life against any endangered species, which is the primary purpose
  2. To aid in hunting, hiking, fishing, Daggers, Survival or Self-Defense
  3. To aid in cooking especially in isolated deserts or in dense forests
  4. To prepare shelter especially in isolated areas
  5. To appreciate its art and cultural values
  6. To collect them as part of their hobby or passion

Depending on the type of usage, appropriate type of Survival knives should be purchased. For example, for tasks such as chopping, a heavy handle Survival knives would be the best as it adds more strength while performing the tasks.


What are the etiquettes regarding wishing a person on their birthday

Social media is around for a long time now and most people wish their loved ones via ecards, sms as well as posts on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. There are various sites which offer different kinds of birthday wishes which people can when they find the right one, copy and paste the message. Therefore sites which offer birthday wishes are in great demand as most people are unaware of what to say or how to say what they feel.

The general guidelines for wishing people are:

  • Wishing at midnight, in person. This is almost a requirement for wishing a boyfriend or girlfriend or even a spouse.
  • Wishing at midnight via a text or via a call: This is usually done when you are close to a person. Perhaps a sibling or a very dear friend.

Birthday wishes

  • Wishing by telephone: Those who are old friends can be wished by phone calls. If you want to wish a family friend you should call them up and not only rely on wishing them through social media sites.
  • For those friends who have been made in the last 5 years, you are permitted to text and wish them though calling is always preferred.
  • Acquaintances who you like or have very limited interactions with, can be wished by only sending a tweet or posting on their Facebook wall.
  • An Instagram feed or posting on your own Facebook wall is not considered cool at all. Infact it is almost cheesy.

These are just some rules and etiquette when it comes to wishing a person for their birthday. Whatever the case may be, or however you may choose to wish the person, it is almost necessary to do so, to show you appreciate them and remember them on their special day.

Importance of Installing Mobile Spy App

The installation of the mobile spy app is essential and important for certain cases, such as, for parents of teens and for employers. It is important to track and monitor the activities of the children especially teens as almost all teenagers use mobile phones for texting and using the internet and are also engaged in many other issues that can put them into trouble. Thus installing and using the mobile spy app is legal for parents and also for the employer.

However, there are laws for installing the spy app from one state to other state and also from one country to another country, it is still legal act to install the spy software application into one’s own device. Thus, it is also legal for the parents of teens as they have purchased the devices by themselves for their minor teenagers. Further, the question arises for tracking the activities of the life partners and other co-workers.

mobile spy app

For this, the law states that one need to inform the other person about the plans of installing the tracking applications on their smartphones. This kind of thing is initiated and applicable to all the huge companies with many human resources, for e.g. TAXI companies, where the activities of the drivers have been monitored and tracked in order to keep the drivers and also the passengers safe during the travel and journey period.

The mobile spy app is thus very useful software for tracking all activities that a parent need to know about their children. Thus, the functions, features, connection, and flexibility differs from one application to other. Each app has its own advantages and drawbacks. Some spy apps are suitable for tracking emails, while some are useful in monitoring the calls and others are good at tracking the GPS location. Thus, one needs to review all the apps properly before installing the best app suitable to the requirement of the suer.

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